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Volcano Platinum is a mirror site.

  • To enter the casino:
  • 1. Follow the link to the official website.
  • 2. At the top of the page, click the Login or Register button.
  • 3. Log in to your personal account, or register.
  • 4. For new players a 110% deposit bonus and 15FS are available.
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At a certain point, each online casino user accidentally discovers that he is not in the same place where he played before. In the address bar of the browser is the domain name, and it often changes. All this frightens new players. They begin to worry about the safety of their funds, honesty and transparency of the casino. What's going on? Fraudulent actions can be found in any online casino, but changing the domain name is not a problem. In this case, 99% of the user has been transferred to the casino mirror.

Mirror - technical solution for casino

. Any mirror of the site is the same site with all the stored functionality. A mirror is a full copy of the site. It does not have any restrictions. In gembling such copies of sites is a vital measure. They reproduce absolutely exactly all the information that players receive on the main resource. IMPORTANT: a mirror cannot be distinguished from the main site by all but one criteria - domain name (address).

Mirror functions

. The user does not suffer from the use of these in any way.

Why do you need mirrors? Today, the CIS countries have a complicated situation with the gambling industry. Online casinos and bookmaker's offices are under severe restrictions of search engines. This decision was made by the government. IMPORTANT: users can NOT go to the site and start playing. The site simply does NOT work (blocked by special software). In order to allow players to place bets or play in the casino around the clock and without interruption, the developers run the mirrors (or the second name - an alternative address). Let's look at an example...

Start the mirrors

Today 1xBet casino works at the address "". Tomorrow users can NOT access the site (it is blocked by the provider). Developers create an alternative address: "1xBet111". The player quietly goes to it and continues playing. No changes, only the change of the address in the browser line!

Lock causes

. As always, post-Soviet states are late with innovations. Today people have huge problems and a lot of questions. Over the past 10 - 20 years, the gambling industry has progressed and received many players. At first, higher institutions of power smashed real slot machines and institutions that worked offline (right on the streets). However, this sphere quickly leaked into the Internet. The number of online casinos and bookmaker's offices increased significantly, but it became impossible to control them online.
  1. The state does not receive money (no one pays taxes on the Internet);
  2. .
  3. Online casino has many underage players.
It became the main thing for blocking all gambling establishments. IMPORTANT: the use of mirrors is the best solution to allow each player to play without problems in accessing any casino.

Casino 1xBet

. For beginners, it is necessary to understand initially: 1xBet is NOT an online casino, but a full betting office. 1xBet is one of the leaders of betting market in CIS countries. The company is already being actively promoted in European countries. Opening date - 2007 IMPORTANT: the platform has been licensed by Curacao. It supports the following languages: The main audience are Russian-speaking players. Here all conditions are created for players from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan! Bookmaker has a number of sections for players: lottery, online casino, financial platform and much more.

Mirror 1xBet

. Many are trying to find the official 1xBet casino mirror. It is impossible to do so. Why not? Users enter the search query incorrectly. IMPORTANT: above we reported that 1xBet is a bookmaker. But it has an on-line casino integrated into it. To find the official 1xBet working mirror you should search for the working version of the bookmaker's office. Then on the official website (home page) you need to go to the "Casino" section. This is the mirror, where users can start playing.

How to get around the lock faster and easier

. At the moment 1xBet has a mobile application on Android and iOS platforms. IMPORTANT: you can download the mobile application on the Internet. Ideally, you should use the platform Play Market. The work of the application cannot be blocked. Users should log into their account, and then go to the "Casino" section. Many games in 1xBet casino have a mobile version, but some of them are still not available. If previously the user has already visited the casino, participated in the games and even made deposits, the following is the case